Redpro RP-VLL1850 Compact Video LED Light


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  • Model: RP-VLL1850
  • Input: DC 6 – 17 V
  • For use with Broadcast camcorders
  • Max. Power Consumption: Approx.20 W
  • Max. Luminosity: 1800 lux (1.5m)
  • Dimmer Lights Adjusment from 10% to 100% Enlightning Light Power
  • Focus Light Option
  • Lighting Distance: 1800 lux (1m), 200 lux (3m), 72 lux (5m), 28 lux (8m), 18 lux (10m
  • 3200 / 5400 Color Temeprature
  • High Beam and Flood Light Condenser Lens
  • Adjustable High Quality Metal Barn Doors
  • Battery Power test
  • LED Light Temperature Overheating LED Notification

Redpro RP-VLL1850 ( RP/VLL1850 , RP VLL1850 , RPVLL1850 ) RedPro Professional Broadcast Video LED Light for on Camera Use

  • RP-VLL1850 Video LED Light is Designed for Professional Camcorder or Camera DV. This Video LED Light is applicable with NP-F970 NP-F750 and NP-F550 battery, and also applicable to shoulder-mount Camcorder by the transfer line Adaptor Cable of DC6-17V.
  • It is very ideal to use this Professional Video LED Light Kit for Video taking, either for Lights Setup or Supplement.
  • RP-VLL1850 Video Light with 10-LED.
  • Made with Professional Color Balanced White LED lamp.
  • Energy-saving and Environmental-friendly Design with Maximum Power Consumption at approximately 20W only.
  • Adjustable Barn Doors design and Built-in Condenser lens allow maximum flexibility of wide/narrow Homogenous Light Projecting Angles (90 degC brand light and 45 degC high beam spotlight).
  • Provides High-Intensity Illumination with Higher Luminous Efficiency, it can reach 1800 lux (lm), with Possibillity of Dimmer Lights Adjusment from 10% to 100% Enlightning Light Power .
  • Selectable 5500K / 3200K color Temperature Suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor Lighting.
  • High Beam and Flood Light settings using the Condenser Lens.
  • Maintenance free with 10,000 hours long life usage, excellent impact and Weather Resistance Quality.
  • Built-in Standard Accessory Shoe for Additional Equipment Mount.
  • Dual installation setup using Accessory Shoe or Bolt Mounting.ighting.