Octagonal Softbox Bowens 120cm


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Octagonal Softbox with Grid for studio light Bowens S mount

Quality Visico Brand Professional Octagonal Softbox for studio light – 120cm for Bowens S mount – Much higher quality than many others currentlybeing sold online

This listing is for a 120cm softbox with egg crate grid – we aslo have 95cma nd 150cm versions in stock, please ask us if you require a different size.

These uniquely designed softboxes are great for the photographer in mind. Perfect for the studio or location shooting, installation is simple and quick. The soft box is made with quality reflective and diffusive material. The soft box provides a soft yet effective light. Interior panels are silver coated for peak light effectiveness. The speed ring allows rotation of the soft box while on any light fixture.

This Softbox can be used with strobes or continuous lighting and produces a luminous, diffused light that captures even the finest details beautifully. The octagon round shape of the soft box gives wonderful catchlight in your model.

The removable softbox egg crate grid is placed on the front panel and provides directional control of soft box light letting you keep light on your subject and off the background..

Removable Face and Baffle (Allows you to adjust the natural, soft light to create just the right diffusion and contrast)

The removable face allows for high or low contrast lighting while the internal baffle eliminates hot spots.

The speed ring is made from high quality die cast alloy metal to withstand a wide range of temperatures. It is made to rotate independently from the flash mount, giving you a total control and flexibility to adjust your lighting situation.
It is a standard Bowens type S-Type mount, which is the most universal mount for most studio flashes.

Does not include studio flash or stand.

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