Portable Parabolic Softbox 90 cm


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Extremely easy to use and carry. Stretches in seconds and is an excellent solution when shooting outdoors. Two diffusion surfaces with option to be used only internal layer, only outside layer, both or none of the layers, in which case the softbox will work as an umbrella. The new future with this model is that the internal diffuse surface has differrent density in the middle, in order to provide even lighting to the entire scene.
The deep parabolic reflector maximize the power output of the light source and equally diffuse the light flux over the entire area of the front surface. The smaller parabolic reflectors are more suitable for creating soft, key lighting and they are excellent solution for portrait photography. Those with larger sizes provide extremelly soft, diffuse lighting and can be used for illuminating large scenes of a different kind.
Front fit for Bowens – S.

Diameter: 90 cm
Grid option: Yes
Mount: Bowens